1. Napkins - Fly away - 100% of recycling
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    Napkins - Fly away - 100% of recycling


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    Here you can acquire napkins from Naturals Serie of the company "Paper + Design GmbH tabletop" of Wolkenstein in the Erzgebirge of Germany. The theme of the 2-ply napkins (100% of recycling) is "Fly away".

    Size: 33 x 33 cm (opened), 16,5 x 16,5 cm (folded)
    Quantity: 25 pieces
    Theme: Fly away
    Die Serie Naturals: NATURALS sources its inspiration from the flax plant - a sustainable product which has a long tradition in our region. In our collection you can rediscover this puristic charm with napkins made from 100 per cent recycling tissue and further products of real flax. Here you can find all products of the Naturals Serie: >>> Click <<<


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